Made In Abyss

the locket.jpeg

Made in Abyss looks childish. If you think it is for kids. You are Grossly mistaken! Stop that train of thought before it’s too late.

Basic plot: it’s about a girl and a robot boy who decide to travel down “the abyss” a giant hole ….for…. spoiler reasons.

I can calmly say there were scenes, nay, episodes that left me speechless and utterly dumbstruck.

The show is beautifully animated. And to top it all off the plot is completely original and very well fleshed out. You’ll enjoy the unique traits of each character and the diverse pacing of the story.

If you are a fan of sci-fi adventure, studio Ghibli, or are just looking to get your ‘sick kicks’. Made in Abyss is for you.





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