Review: My Hero Academia

Have you ever desired something in life. Not just desired, but obsessed about something? So much, to the point your entire life fused with this idea. Well welcome to the childhood of our main star, Izuku Mydoria. Who would like nothing more than to have a super power and be a hero like his idol All Might, the most powerful hero of all.

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My Hero Academia follows Izuku through his attempts at becoming a hero. Oddly enough, our story takes place in a world where children have a pretty high chance of inheriting something called a “quirk”. A quirk is basically the general name for super powers. So if your daughter was born with the strength of 100 men and decided to punt her recent ex-boyfriend 3 houses over, you might think to yourself, “Gee, that’s a nice quirk”.

But Izuku is different. As we learn from the beginning, he was born without a quirk. The news breaks him. Destroys his self image and esteem to the point of enveloping him in a twisted fire of apathy and despair. One day, on the way home Izuku is attacked and gets saved by none other than All Might, himself. To say that Izuku was inspired and amazed is an understatement. Remember. Izuku. LOVES ALL MIGHT. But as soon as All Might came, he left and Izuku was saved.

Later on, through a series of misfortune events, Izuku ends up running head on into a fight between a very strong villain and a few professional heros. While they were stunned in fear, “quirkless” Izuku ran headlong into the Frey. This selfless act of reckless abandon would earn him the right to enter, My Hero Academia. The prestigious school where only the “best of the best” quirk children get to attend. The rest of the show follows his trials and tribulations through school to increase his skills and get accepted by a professional hero agency.

quirks class.jpg

My Hero Academia doesn’t look like much on the surface. A kid wants a dream that seems completely out of the question. And does a few tricks to get by. But My Hero Academia doesn’t always serve you what you want. Boasting nicely timed comedy and well rounded fight scenes. It livens up the super hero genre with fresh characters and new takes on how powers are used in society.

I’d say my favorite part of My Hero Academia is watching the different students lives shape as they enhance their powers and we get to see who uses theirs for good and who uses theirs for evil. It’s pretty much like any high school drama… but instead of P.E. the teachers have them perform simulated Good vs. Evil battles in a giant city. A chance to display wit, nerve and acts of bravery are all at play here with these chappy first year students. Just as dynamic as you’d expect them to be, with different powers literally affecting their moods and response to certain stimuli.


My Hero Academia is well worth the watch. Stealing a bit from One Punch Man and kind of satirizing the whole super-hero and super-villain genre. It humanizes the characters struggles in a way that makes them very relate-able, even though some of them can shoot fire and ice out of their limbs.

It doesn’t shy away from darker themes of murder, revenge, blood lust and crippling social anxieties. If you don’t relate to Izuku, that’s ok. There are a plethora of first year students to get your head bobbing and your fist pumping. For who hasn’t, just want to be a hero too.

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