Review: Mob Psycho 100

No, you are not tripping on acid. You are just watching Mob Pyscho 100.

mob and gifl.jpg

The same animation studio that brought you One Punch Man holds nothing back. The over-the-top style rivals top anime movies and definitely blows away any other shows that came out in the same time. I’d be hard pressed to name another anime that even comes close to the zany and crazed animation that is Mob Pyscho.

The show is about an extremely mellow middle school-er with powerful psychic powers, who just wants a girl’s attention. It follows his misadventures under the tutelage of Reigen Arataka, a con artist who runs a psychic consulting company. Reigen was definitely my favorite part of the show. It amazes me that he can literally talk himself out of any situation. It’s no surprise Mob doesn’t realize he is a fraud.

mob and sengin.jpg

Even with his gift of supernatural power Mob just wants to go to school and focus on winning the heart of his longtime girl crush. But in the same way Rick steals Morty from school (in Rick and Morty), Reigen Arataka calls up Mob with news of impending spiritual doom. And naturally Mob can’t really say no, since he suffers from expressing no emotions at all for fear of using his powers for evil.

Often times, the shows psychedelic trips may slow down the pacing and turn everything into eye candy. However, the writing of the show is absolute comedy gold and it’s a pleasant breath of fresh air.

mob pyscho.gif

Unlike One Punch Man, Mob Pyscho was drawn by One himself. By some standards it’s not the greatest animation style ever.  But I believe it has its own charm. He certainly loves to cover the entire spectrum of emotions in his drawings, but is largely famous for putting blank expressions on his characters. Contrasted with extreme panic, anger and surprise from time to time. And it’s an anime anyway. I wouldn’t want it to be too realistic. Some may find it off putting, but if you stay the course. I think the heart and soul of the show will win you over.

So if you liked One Punch Man and want to get even closer to the creative genius that is One. Try Mob.


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