Review: One Punch Man

One Punch Man is not the anime we need. It is the anime we deserve.

Risking my credibility as a review writer. One Punch Man is one of the greatest anime ever made. There I said it. It’s over with. Done deal. Why would I make such a bold statement in the early stages of a review? Because everything about this show draws you in. From start to finish. It is such an easy show to be a fan of. Just watching the intro of One Punch Man by itself could get you energized for a week straight. It’s the shows ability to not take itself too seriously that feeds into the over-the-top action sequences supported by flailing metal guitar solos.

The satirical writing style and comedic timing of facial expressions rivals top sit coms. And judging by how well the first season went, One Punch Man seems to have a one-way ticket into the hearts and minds of everyone from ages 1 – 105. And hey, bald guys finally have an anime character they can look up too. Yay (seriously, after reading through, click on the link I posted at the bottom, so you can witness the greatness that is OPM’s opening music vid)!

But my my my. Where are my manners. Let me introduce you to our darling protagonist.

Yup. Same guy. I know. It’s great isn’t it? The fact that his face switches from looking like an Easter egg to Vin Diesel in a matter of seconds always gets some good laughs.

One Punch Man is about a not-so-normal guy named Saitama who has been granted with super human strength and speed. So much so, that any enemy he faces, he kills in just one punch. Despite this amazing quality, Saitama has become complacent. He has lost the feeling of a true battle. As an individual he is kind hearted with a strong sense of justice.

As a kid, Saitama dreamed of being a super hero. Now that he has the powers, it seems unfair no one has noticed him. To his disbelief, he realizes it’s because he is low on the food chain. In terms of where he ranks on the Hero Association Database. That’s right. You read that correctly. The Hero Association is a collective organization that ranks heroes as if they were some type of athletic-celebrity hybrids that uses itself as the security force for the country.  It’s questionable whether or not some of these ‘Heros’ even have powers or if they are just show boats.


The story revolves around Saitama on his rise through the ranks of the Hero Association and how he defines what it means to be a true hero.

One Punch Man delivers as a satirical-action based-comedy. One moment Saitama is buying asparagus at the store, the next a giant octopus monster is tearing up buildings next to him and a grand battle ensues. You never know what to expect. One Punch Man does a great job of delivering on complete randomness, while somehow maintaining a decent plot line.

If not for anything else. Go watch OPM for the battle sequences. The artists did a fa-nominal job and you can tell their attention to detail pays off. It’s just another reason to become a fan of OPM. The only down side will be that you start to hold this show to a standard when it comes to fighting. Which is a good and bad thing. But I seriously dare you to find me something more explosive and overblown. Did I mention the fight scenes were bloody brilliant?

Delving deeper into One Punch Man we see a character who really challenges the status quo. He doesn’t look the part of a hero. And even critiques those who bask in fame. He denies himself many times the opportunity to gloat, just so that others may take his place. This Christ-like, sacrificial attitude is what makes you pull for him even more. You can’t help but love the guy who blows whole enemies into pieces and then turns around and says, “but I couldn’t have done it without that mailman” and points to some side character.

The weird and zany characters that make up the Hero Association are quite entertaining. The fact that some are clearly just regular dudes in big sparkling pants while others can actually perform super human tasks only adds to the shows comedy. It only makes it better when someone who clearly has no power turns to One Punch Man after a fight and starts to tell him how to be a better super hero. Clearly he is the one who needs advice!


If you are in the mood for a truly unique show with a lighthearted feel throughout and over the top special effects, look no further than One Punch. Thriving on randomness and satire, I found it to be a complete breath of comical fresh air. Very original and quite entertaining. So, go perform 100 sit ups, 100 push-ups, 100 squats and a 10km run. You might just wake up bald and with the ability to completely obliterate anything. With. Just. One. Punch.


 Witness Greatness (OPM opening music vid)

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