Review: Akame Ga Kill! 

That’s a Cool Character You Have There…..Be a Shame if They…..DIED

Ah…Akame Ga Kill!… you will laugh, cry, and yell when watching this show. It is an emotional hurricane that WILL leave you scarred for life. That being said. I highly recommend it. The combination of slap stick comedy mixed in with blood and gore violence. It doesn’t really leave much to the imagination. Often compared to Game of Thrones for its ability to cut down any character at any time. You would be wise to practice your emotional defensive skills. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.


In the beginning, we meet Mr. Best intentions–Tatsumi. A traveling warrior who hopes to earn money in The Capital for his poverty stricken village. Enter, Night Raid. A group of extremely deadly assasins who plan to bring down the corrupt Capital. Led by the most evil of evil–Prime Minister “Honest. Who controls The Capital  through violence and terror.

At first, Tatsumi is awkward and inexperienced. But it is Tatsumis transformation into a great warrior and his relationship with the assassins of Night Raid that made the show worth the watch. For each assassin boasts their own unique personality and Imperial Arms (Imperial Arms are 900 year old weapons made of rare materials that can only be found in legendary animals called Danger Beasts).  It’s quite fun to witness their death defying skills on display in a blood bathed fashion.


When almost any member of Night Raid can get torn apart at any scene. The feeling of fear and remorse is never too far away. It was astounding to see just how far the Capital would go to stop Night Raid. The kind of evil weapons and power unleashed gave me nightmares. On the bright side, Night Raid rises to the challenge, really brining their “A Game”. What follows are some of the most mind blowing fighting sequences to have ever graced anime.

leone punching.gif

My favorite character would have to be Leone. The beast fighter of Night Raid. Leone resembles a Lion when activating her imperial arms and gains the strength of ten men. Her laid back attitude towards combat and prankster-ways, really made the show more lighthearted. All in all, the constant push pull technique used by the show in terms of laughing and crying was addicting. Akame Ga Kill! was a thrill to watch and it is still in my top 10 for best animes.





The Goods


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3 thoughts on “Review: Akame Ga Kill! 

  1. This anime just didn’t work for me. Sheele was the only character I vaguely began to care about and she was one of the first to go. From that point on I just didn’t emotionally invest and so most of this just fell very flat.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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    1. Yes. I can understand that. Many of my friends disliked the show and didn’t get into it from the start. Kind of like Seven Deadly Sins it does get better once more characters are introduced. I also just enjoyed the battle scenes so no depth was ok for me… My pain points for the show were how quickly they would move on past a characters death/or just the fact they died so easily. But really it was the last 3 episodes for me, how different they are from the manga made me sad.

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