Guest Review: Tokyo Ghoul 

The Internal Struggle

Guest Writer – Austin Chmelik 

Tokyo Ghoul is one of my favorite animes! Its got action, character growth, psychological games and even some interesting moral dilemmas. It did a really good job of combining the intense fights with moving drama.

The story takes place in Tokyo where both humans and ghouls are living together. Ghouls are supernatural beings who can only gain nourishment from human flesh–anything else tastes like burnt ashes. In the world of Ghouls, there are some who eat anything without remorse, while others try to maintain somewhat “human” lifestyles as best they can–only eating recently dead humans.


The story starts off with–human–main character Ken Kanaki waiting for a girl in a coffee shop. They meet up and go on a date but the date doesn’t end so well. His date turns out to be a ghoul and ends up attacking him. Rize tries to eat him but by some miracle–and possible accident–they both get crushed by construction equipment. In order to save Kanaki’s life a doctor transplants some organs from Rize to Kanaki. This causes his body to undergo a transformation to a ghoul. And so begins Kanaki’s struggle to maintain his humanity against a body that is–for lack of a better term–no longer human. The first half of the season deals with his transition into living as a ghoul and how his life changed since he can no longer eat regular food and can only eat human meat. The other half deals with his attempt to put in place some piece between Doves–human agents who kill Ghouls–and the Ghouls themselves. He believes since he is half Ghoul and half human, he has a chance to bridge the gap between the races.


One thing I really enjoy about the show is the good vs evil aspect. Obviously killing is wrong; but if a ghoul can’t physically live without human meat–then what are they supposed to do. This question gets asked a lot throughout the series–while the war between ghouls and humans rages on. Both sides are just doing what they think is right but it makes you wonder who is right and who is wrong? Or are both sides at fault for not understanding the other? The show does a good job of keeping you on your toes and making you want to click “next episode”. 






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