Guest Review: Baccano! 

  1930’s Gangster Juxtaposition

Guest Writer – Jeremy Hatch 

Mafia and magic finally meet in a whirl of crazed lunatics and righteous Mafioso. Based in the 1930’s era for the majority of the show. Baccano! is a chaotic and violent anime that is both entertaining and comical. The story begins with newspaper Vice President, ‘no name’ and his assistant Carol. Recounting the facts on a night aboard the Flying Pussy Foot. A train that was the scene of various mob hits. As the viewer you are given a peak into each of the mobs. You begin to see how everything fits together and what motives each group has for being aboard the train.  If the movie ‘Godfather‘ had a baby with another ‘Godfather’ then you would get something like Baccano! The amount of background that goes into one short train ride is immense and at times overwhelming to the viewer. Luckily, your mind stops spinning around episode 3. As the plot starts stringing itself together into a mash of funny bloodshed and serious mafia business.

issac and miria.png

However, as with every great story. You need something that makes you want to come back for more. In Baccano! that something, is Isaac and Miria. The chemistry and unfathomable genuine nature of these two, in the face of pure evil is inspiring. You start to sing their praises every time they show up. They got me hooked. Hooked on the show and hooked in my room. Even during dinner time. I was so hooked that I had to watch the show again with other people so they could get hooked too.


The writing alone of this show is something to nod your head at. How several stories, that could all stand alone with their depth, somehow manage to get intertwined into one big gangster cornucopia is beyond me. The story does have a bit of hocus-pocus to it but don’t feel like they are short changing you. Being immortal isn’t what it’s all cooked up to be. If you watch this show in subtitles you are doing yourself and the whole world a HUGE disservice. These are Italian mafia in New York. With Italian and New York accents. Anything else would kill the whole experience. Don’t watch the sub. There is no such thing as the sub. There is only the dub. Anything else is a lie (probably from the government). This show is my favorite anime, though I really do like that One Punch…






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8 thoughts on “Guest Review: Baccano! 

  1. I really like Baccano (and I don’t mind the sub but do prefer the dub which is unusal for me with anime). Isaac and Miria really are the best. They just warm up every scene they are in and they are so funny. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    1. Yes Karandi. I have yet to meet a person I’ve showed the show too. Who does not like that duo. Since Baccano! went under the radar for most people, I feel like knowing about them is like finding a little gem. Thanks for the input!

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