Review: The Seven Deadly Sins

 Medieval Fantasy with Surprising Charm and Grit

tumblr_nf6n6nwdef1snpgveo1_500Hats off to Netflix. Their animation studio is headed in the right direction with this adaption based on the Manga. Full of fairies, demons and even angels. The Seven’ is a show that has a little something for everyone.

Set in the world of Britannia; The Seven Deadly Sins were once a circle of high rank knights in the Liones Kingdom. Accused of attempting to overthrow the kingdom they were dishonored and banished forever. What exactly happened is not revealed until later.

In the present, the kingdom is being overtaken by the kingdoms own, Holy Knights. Once loyal to the kingdom, just like the Seven. The Holy Knights are extremely strong and each posses magical combat powers. The Knights capture the king but fail to get a hold of the Princess, Elizabeth. She had escaped. Left with little hope she decides to travel the land in search of the Seven Deadly Sins. In hopes that they can restore balance to the kingdom.


Alright. This one. Gets better with time.The writers of this show mastered the art of switching between lighthearted cheerful banter to gory all out brawls.

Besides its relatively slow start and Elizabeth’s bland conversation skills. Every time a new sin is introduced, it as if someone is stacking more and more pancakes on your breakfast platter. You start to see some depth and you get a better peak at how everything is connected between them. Each sin boats a different personality as well as certain fighting skills and styles. The plot centers around three main characters throughout. Princess Elizabeth, Hawk – her pet talking pig, and Meliodas – the Sin of Wrath and leader of the Seven Deadly Sins. They travel inside the Boar Hat, a house on top of a giant green pig in an attempt to get the band back together.


As a viewer you start to associate with one or two of the sins and what their struggles are. That emotional connection deepens as our valiant sins step closer to death. You owe it to yourself to stick it out to at least the 5th or 6th episode before packing it in. This show is the epitome of the Tortoise and the Hair. Because it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. And the Seven Deadly sins, delivers.

Once all the sins have been revealed its nothing but juicy backstories, romance and medieval chaos from on out.




The Goods


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