Review: Cowboy Bebop 

The Essence of Cool


Let me ask you something…do you enjoy:




Bounty Hunters.

If you answered “no” to any of the above. No need to bother with this review. That’s right. It’s all up-hill from here on out for you people. Cowboy Bebop is the cream of the crop. With amazing voice acting, superb visuals, and an impossibly well done blend of harmonica and space travel. It is a must see for any true Anime lover.


The show is about a couple of bounty hunters. Spike, who has a dark past as a secret agent and Jet an ex cop. They travel through space on their ship collecting bounties on certain hits and end up picking up a couple un-wanted crew members on the way. Fae Valentine, an expert con woman and Ed a world famous computer hacker (who’s gender remains unknown for quite sometime). At times the show can get depressing and quite hard to swallow. However, it’s the great voice acting, musical soundtrack and animation that just hits it out of the park.

Am I biased? Yes, yes I am. Because Cowboy Bebop is one of the only anime’s made in the later half of the 90’s that reached world wide critical acclaim. I believe one of the main reasons CB was such a hit was because it appeals to such a wide audience. Seriously. There could be any number of reasons for you to like the show…and they would all be acceptable.Let me ask, is it because of Steve Blum’s voice? A voice that will make any man question his gender and undresses the ladies with just the sound. Or is it because of the characters and their dynamic relationships with each other? Or, maybe it’s because of the way each episode flows along, as if it were a part of one big jazz album and each episode is just the next track. All are acceptable. You will receive much respect and many-a-head-nod from all kinds of anime folk; if you own any type of merch’ from this cult powerhouse.

cowboy bebop 2.gif

So go ahead. Walk into that misty jazz bar. Grab a seat and take a sip of something strong.

Because you are in for one satisfying ride and you are gonna want it to last.


The Goods


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